Do Not Support Me



The following video is an excerpt of a Santa Clara City Council meeting on March 4, 2008. Towards the end of the meeting (approximately 3 hours, 37 minutes into the meeting), Joanne Bruna, who often times has questions and issues she shares with the City Council, approaches the podium to speak to the City Council asking for help. This is the response she gets from Council Member Caserta says under his breath, but into the microphone for everyone to hear:

"Oh Fuck"


Not once did he apologize for this when asked about the incident. He never even admitted to it. Is this how you want a State representative to act?

The following is a transcript of what was said on the video. Note that Caserta is the only male close to the microphone (third from the right). He says this as she approaches, as if he doesn't want to have to listen to her. Click here to listen.

Mayor Mahan: finished with public presentations.
Dominic Caserta: Oh fuck.