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Mercury News, May 11, 2008 - Click below to read:
"A nice guy, Caserta he shouldn't be elected"

Dominic Caserta is a FRAUD! Click Here to see why.

Caserta Lying on FPPC forms? Click Here.

Lying again about his Mills Act vote? Click Here.

Caserta cursing at a Santa Clara citizen. Click Here.

Caserta is a Bully and so is Ryan Chamberlain, his
Campaign Manager. See examples here.

Caserta's gotta go. Join the team to oppose him.

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Why Are We Doing This?

It is important to many of the citizens in the County of Santa Clara to share, via first hand experience, how Dominic Caserta has affected them. The many examples shown on this website are from people just like you that want to learn more about people in the political arena. We all want to be represented by people that respect us and our concerns; Caserta is not that person. Dominic Caserta shows a pattern of doing whatever it takes and says whatever he has to in order to get elected. Once elected, his vote is up to the highest bidder.

We hope this information is helpful. Here are some pictures of events we have attended. If you have additional information you would like to share with us and/or post on this site, please email us at: Thank you.

Caserta Uses Same Campaign Manager as SummerHill, the Developer that Donated $14,000 to Influence His Vote.
Caserta's campaign manager, Ryan Chamberlain, is the same campaign manager of the SummerHill backed "Yes on Measures A & B," trying to develop the BAREC property. Caserta received over $14,000 in donations from SummerHill and voted to develop this land. Caserta made campaign promises to preserve BAREC in 2002 and 2006, but now after breaking his promises and voting for SummerHill's development, Caserta conveniently hires Ryan Chamberlain to manage his political advancement. Ryan Chamberlain was SummerHill's campaign manager and now he is Caserta's.

Is this one of the reasons why Caserta did not file a ballot statement? By not filing, Caserta removes financial handcuffs so he can gather as much money as necessary to buy the election. Elect someone that will represent you, not sell you out. Don't vote for Caserta.

Caserta is limited now
He is still a Santa Clara City Council member for another two years, unless he is recalled. He ability to negatively affect the community is limited to the City of Santa Clara. Don't let that sphere of influence get any larger.

Caserta flip-flops when it suits him
You can see examples of this on the "Campaign Lies" and "No Integrity" pages, but here is a statement published in the Cupertino Courier when Caserta did not get the endorsement from the California Democratic Party, showing Caserta's tendency to change position when he feels it can help him: "Caserta has a short history with the party--he was a Republican until 2000, and says that he switched for ideological, not political, reasons."

As Dirty As Dominic Caserta Game Show
Click here to read a fun dialog. Somone created a blog that helps educate people on Caserta while adding a bit of humor. Very clever writing. Click here to view it.

Caserta attacks are "laughable"
You can see Santa Clara's Around Santa Clara Blog that shows how desperate Caserta's attacks are.

Fliers you can print out and post
If you would like to help spread the word, please do so. We have created a couple of fliers for you: Dominic Facts and General Flier. Please join us at the weekly Santa Clara Farmers' Market on Saturdays, from 9am-1pm. Here are pictures from our booth. There are many people speaking out about Caserta. Click here to read their thoughts.

Please, Do NOT Elect Dominic Caserta

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