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Mercury News, May 11, 2008 - Click below to read:
"A nice guy, Caserta he shouldn't be elected"

Dominic Caserta is a FRAUD! Click Here to see why.

Caserta Lying on FPPC forms? Click Here.

Caserta is a Bully and so is Ryan Chamberlain, his
Campaign Manager. See examples here.

Caserta's gotta go. Join the team to oppose him.

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He's a Bully
...and uses threats to get his way, crushing our
1st Amendment Rights!

Here are the kinds of pathetic actions taken by Caserta just to find out who was behind a website sharing information about his past. He uses threats and intimidation. His political team threatens legal action to get information they want. This is the kind of person Dominic Caserta is. This is how Dominic Caserta acts. His actions caused to be shut down, not by an official, but by his threats and intimidation. The net result is our Freedom of Speech was shut down. Below are excerpts of the emails sent by Caserta's team. JC Rowen, also known as Santa Clara's "political bottom-feeder" by the Metro, is a paid member of Caserta's team and is entitled a "campaign consultant" in the FPPC forms submitted by Caserta's team.

Example 1 - Rowen stops free speach:
He starts out with threats and intimidation:
From: JC Rowen []
Sent: 10 April 2008 17:07

It is a federal crime... I am advising the authorities in the USA....

To get what they want (the owner of the website),
they threaten and make a demand:

From: JC Rowen []
Sent: 10 April 2008 17:29

....Get a lawyer.....

Who are the people that registered this website with you.

Their mission is accomplished, shutting down Free Speech of
The domain was shut down on April 10, 2008.

Example 2 - Chamberin is a Bully too:
League of Women Voters Forum, May 8, 2008 Recap


I went tonight and it was very informative – great to get to know Anna Song and Paul Fong - both strong choices for leadership.

The question that I submitted was:

Many candidates make campaign promises. What is your record on keeping campaign promises, and how do you feel about keeping your word to constituents?

Dom lied straight up and said that he ALWAYS represents his constituents. He refuses to admit that he lied to voters about his preserve BAREC promise, and actually SAID that he would NOT work to represent campaign contributors – that he was here to represent “the regular people.”

After the panel discussion several men turned around and asked me what I thought. I told them that I was very impressed with Fong and Song, and that I was glad to get to know them because I was from Santa Clara and I had experience that Caserta does not keep his campaign promises. I told them that I came to ask the campaign promise question to challenge Dom on his integrity. Larry Sacks from the SC Weekly was one of the men. As we talked a big guy in a white shirt came up and started yelling at me that SaveBAREC gave Dom NO good choices for preserving green space and challenged me on MY honestly! I replied that as a voter I was interested in calling Dom to integrity and honesty – keeping his word. When the guy kept yelling at me, Larry told him to stop. The guy said that HE was tired of “the BAREC bullies!!!” I told him that there was just one bully in the room and he had the contest won and walked away.

I plan to attend the panel in Campbell next week and ask the same question. It will be interesting to see if Dom has his audience bulldogs there also.

VERY telling that he has an entourage of guys like that! Fortunately I think on their professional merits alone that Fong and Song have him outclassed in leadership. To be fair Dom had many impressive answers to questions - but it all comes down to - WHICH ones can we believe, and WHICH ones would he choose to keep?

You can put any of this narrative on the NotCaserta website and put my name on it.

Kind regards,

Margo Wixom, Public School Teacher, Palo Alto High School

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