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Mercury News, May 11, 2008 - Click below to read:
"A nice guy, Caserta he shouldn't be elected"

Dominic Caserta is a FRAUD! Click Here to see why.

Caserta Lying on FPPC forms? Click Here.

Caserta is a Bully and so is Ryan Chamberlain, his
Campaign Manager. See examples here.

Caserta's gotta go. Join the team to oppose him.

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No Integrity

Dominic Caserta (also known as Dominic the Developer) has NO integrity...he is a sell out. Click here to see some of his emails proving his word is worthless. Here are five examples:

Example 1 - Not Reporting Gifts. FPPC Violation? :
In researching Caserta's FPPC Conflict of Interest forms (Form 700), we noticed he did not provide accurate information about gifts he got from a housing developer, Centex Homes. He received multiple tickets to the 2006 San Jose Grand Prix and took his "family." However, on the form, he reports an individual "consultant" gave him the tickets. He reported $140. Each ticket was valued at $238 by the donor and he had more than one. Both Ed Richards of the Santa Clara Historical Landmarks Commission and Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan reported Centex as the donor and each ticket was valued at $238 or more (it looks like Mahan made an error here too, but that is another story).

Did Dominic forget to report the other tickets? Did he make a mistake and put a lower amount for the value? Did he not disclose the contributor because he wanted to hide the fact the it was from a housing developer? Or is he simply lying to the public? Decide for yourself.
Here are the documents:

Caserta Form 700 Richards Form 700 Mahan Form 700
Caserta Schedule D - 'Error' Richards Sched. D & Backup Mahan Schedule D
Complete Form 700 - 2006 Complete Form 700 - 2006 Complete Form 700 - 2006

Example 2 - Lies to Community to Get Elected:
He told members of the community in person (his word) and *in writing* that he would support preservation of the BAREC property. When questioned about lying to the public and not honoring campaign promises during his first election to the Santa Clara City Council in 2002, he replied: "Thank you for then info, what I gave you is fact..." (his spelling, not ours, as these are direct quotes). Caserta approved a quote on a website saying he would support open space, opposing its development (BAREC), by saying: "Let's do the quote, EXCATLY as you have it, please post it on the BAREC webiste." See Caserta's approved quote here. He ultimately voted to wipe out the open space and support the SummerHill development. We even put up lawn signs for him and helped him get elected by walking precincts. He deceived all of us.

Example 3 - Mills Act Vote Conflict of Interest:
Dominic Caserta voted to approve his own Mills Act contract (Mills Act is for houses with historic relevance) with the City of Santa Clara for significant tax benefit (about a 75% reduction in taxes). While there is no problem with Caserta having a Mills Act contract, there is a problem with him voting on it. The City of Santa Clara official records (the meeting minutes) clearly state that Caserta DID NOT recuse himself from this vote. Now, June 12, 2008, after we start asking questions and finding the truth, Dominic is saying the approved and verified minutes are wrong. He submitted this statement during the June 17, 2008 City Council meeting. Once again, he reacts to issues regarding his intgrity, without any proof. The minutes and the actual facts stand: Caserta voted on a motion that directly benefits him economically. This is the kind of leadship Dominic Caserta provides.

Example 4 - Wants Communication Kept Private:
When it was suggested that a public "thank you" be sent to the Santa Clara City Council for all his support and effort, Caserta's reply was: "Thank you for the kind words, I would prefer that you keep our emails private, NOT to blast it to the Council..." We all now know why he requested this since he betrayed all the voters he made promises to. This is a pattern, not an isolated incident.

To see some of the many relevant email threads, please click here. There are plenty more of him leading on the community and conning the public. Email us if you would like to see more.

Example 5 - Promise of Open Space:
"Make no mistake about it. A vote for Dominic is a vote to preserve open space on the BAREC property." Caserta stated on his webiste when running for election in 2006. You can see the blatant developer payoff in the article Metro did called Bait and Switch. His campaign would like to think we are making all this up, but it is in black and white. He voted against his commitment to the community. His word is worth nothing. Caserta is a sellout.

Example 6 - Uses Developer's Campaign Manager:
Caserta's campaign manager, Ryan Chamberlain, is the same campaign manager of the SummerHill backed "Yes on Measures A & B," trying to develop the BAREC property. Caserta received over $14,000 in donations from SummerHill and voted to develop this land. Caserta made campaign promises to preserve BAREC in 2002 and 2006, but now after breaking his promises and voting for SummerHill's development, Caserta conveniently hires Ryan Chamberlain to manage his political advancement. Ryan Chamberlain was SummerHill's campaign manager and now he is Caserta's.

Is this one of the reasons why Caserta did not file a ballot statement? By not filing, Caserta removes financial handcuffs so he can gather as much money as necessary to buy the election. Elect someone that will represent you, not sell you out. Don't vote for Caserta.

Example 7 - Santa Clara Ethics Not Followed:
As a Santa Clara City Councilman, Caserta signed an ethics pledge. Here is a copy of what he signed and agreed to. It seems that the last column is focused on the kind of activities he engages in. Let's hope he has read this thoroughly and is following it. Well, I guess he has to now since he is on the Ethics Committee in Santa Clara. Let's hope this isn't the fox guarding the proverbial hen house.

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