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Mercury News, May 11, 2008 - Click below to read:
"A nice guy, Caserta he shouldn't be elected"

Dominic Caserta is a FRAUD! Click Here to see why.

Caserta Lying on FPPC forms? Click Here.

Caserta is a Bully and so is Ryan Chamberlain, his
Campaign Manager. See examples here.

Caserta's gotta go. Join the team to oppose him.

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Quotes From You!
"Dom Caserta is the worst kind of corrupt politician – the smiling, pleasant guy, who will sell your votes down the corporate river for his own advancement."
Margo Wixsom, Public School Teacher, Palo Alto High School
"Time and time again, Mr. Caserta consistently worships the content of the donors wallet, ignoring the people that elected him."
John Joseph, Santa Clara resident
Dominic Caserta has shown no leadership on the City Council. He is bad luck for our community, and I have backed a lot of candidates, but I certainly will not vote for him. He let us down on BAREC, and he should lock himself in a room until the election because we do not want to see him in our neighborhood!
Elbert D. Mushe, Santa Clara

"The liar cries best of all."

Anthony G. , Santa Clara

"I just looked over Caserta's website. For a teacher I would say he is out of touch with technology. His blog isn't' a blog. Where are the contributions and comments from readers? This is a democracy right? Being a representative of the people means hearing from them right? Where are the links to other sites and information? This "blog" is nothing more than a digital brochure.

If he was truly interested in hearing from voters and discussing issues a real blog would be a great tool. For someone from silicon valley this guy just doesn't get it."

AG, Santa Clara resident
"So here is the lesson learned from Dom Caserta: He is a really affable, pleasant guy. He seems to be a wonderful teacher. As a representative he will look you straight in the eye and LIE about what he will do for you. So I HAVE learned my lesson. I will NEVER vote for Dom Caserta for ANY public office. I will actively work to make these facts known so that he will never again be able to deceive a constituency. Dom Caserta’s vote IS FOR SALE to the highest corporate bidder – he proved that in Santa Clara by representing SummerHill Homes on the City Council – NOT the constituency, like me who voted to keep him in office after promising to help preserve open space."
Margo Wixsom, Public School Teacher, Palo Alto High School
"Make no mistake about it. A vote for Dominic is a vote to preserve open space on the BAREC property."

Dominic Caserta, Documented Liar and Sell-out as stated on his website
when running for reelection and before he voted to develop BAREC

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