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Mercury News, May 11, 2008 - Click below to read:
"A nice guy, Caserta he shouldn't be elected"

Dominic Caserta is a FRAUD! Click Here to see why.

Caserta Lying on FPPC forms? Click Here.

Caserta is a Bully and so is Ryan Chamberlain, his
Campaign Manager. See examples here.

Caserta's gotta go. Join the team to oppose him.

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Above the Law

Dominic Caserta has been in politics long enough to know what can and cannot be done when running for an office. He knows signs can only be legally posted on private property, with permission.

Dominic does not think this law applies to him. Here is an example where he has posted a campaign sign in the middle of a public street, breaking the law. Again, this is just another example of Dominic Caserta's character.

Example 1:

Caserta Breaking the Law

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